The Social Outreach committee strives to cultivate innovative leadership curricula, teach leadership workshops to communities within the greater Boston area, and inspire students to take responsibility of issues and concerns within their respective social webs. ​Through these educational workshops​, the committee works to​ transcend the geographical bounds of Harvard so as to stimulate and encourage positive change off campus, ensuring that tomorrow’s leaders are well prepared for the inevitable social and economic challenges and tribulations that lie ahead.

Program Overview:
In the fall of 2013, the Social Outreach committee began a leadership development program at Watertown High School, training high school juniors to facilitate the Peer Leadership Program at their school. Over the past two years, this program has become well established and currently the committee teaches 6 workshops at Watertown High School per year, culminating in an end of year celebration event at Harvard at which students each present their own “pseudo” TED talks on an aspect of leadership they explored during the past year.

Our Background:
The Social Outreach committee in the past has worked with a variety of Boston-area schools in the past, including Edwards Middle School, Watertown Middle School, Putnam Avenue Upper School, and Dever McCormack Middle School. Our projects have addressed such issues as local environmentalism, school bullying, homelessness, and raising money for child cancer research at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Social Outreach Committee Members with their Fundamentals of Leadership class from the Dever McCormack Middle School when they came to Harvard to have a bake sale and raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital.