The LIHC Spring 2016 applications can be found here and are due Friday, February 5th at 5:00 p.m. Please also send your resume to in the format specified on the application page.


We have a wide variety of positions available in each of our committees this semester. Please see below for all recruiting committee descriptions and positions.

Harvard Leadership Magazine (HLM)

The Harvard Leadership Magazine  engages the leaders of tomorrow by providing students with a broad array of perspectives on leadership, challenging them to reevaluate their own definitions of leadership and empowering them to transform that acquired knowledge into a tangible, positive impact on the world. Our magazine is divided into three sections: Features, Around Campus, and Skills, and past editions have featured articles on personalities such as Andre Agassi, the CEO and Chairman of P&G, the CEO of Intel, the Dean of the Business School, the Dean of the Graduate School of Education, and a child-soldier turned rap star named Emmanuel Jal. Our publication has more than quadrupled its distribution over the past four years, and our team sees an opportunity to grow into one of the most respected and well-known publications on campus. Not only is distribution growing, but online traffic to our new website has also seen exponential growth in the last year. We are seeking accountable, proactive, and detail-oriented candidates to join our editorial board. We strive not only to inform our readers but also to give our staff rewarding and fun experiences working on a team while developing their creative and analytical skills.

Besides positions on the editorial board, you can also apply to be a member of the magazine staff as a writer, designer, photographer, or member of our finance team on our website: Past issues can be viewed here.

  • Section Editor: Responsible for the content of one of the publication’s three sections: Around Campus, Features, or Skills. Keeps in close contact with the writers to help with the interview / writing process. Also helps coordinate visuals for each story with the Head Photographer and Design Editor.
  • Design Editor: Responsible for planning, coordinating, and editing the publication’s layout. Experience with inDesign and graphic arts preferable.
  • Finance Director
  • Writer

*If interested in writing, design, photography, or finance, please fill out our short application at
Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)
In line with its mission to educate and prepare Harvard students to be leaders during their time on campus and in their following careers, LDI regularly hosts prominent speakers for events, panels, and workshops that address the tenets of leading across a variety of fields and disciplines. This year, the Leadership Development Initiative is also launching the Harvard Leadership Award which will recognize the on-campus organization that demonstrates the most notable organizational leadership, as judged by a panel of Harvard professors and distinguished professionals. As a member of LDI, you will have the opportunity to bring inspiring and renowned leaders to Harvard’s campus, interacting with them personally while helping them to share their message with the broader Harvard community.

  • LDI Committee Member: Responsibilities include reaching out to distinguished leaders to invite them to campus, working with the LDI team to conceptualize, plan, publicize, and run all LDI events (roughly 4 per semester), and assisting in the development of the inaugural Harvard Leadership Award. The LDI committee member should be creative, organized, and enthusiastic about leadership development.

Social Outreach (SO)

The Social Outreach committee aims to cultivate innovative leadership curricula, teach weekly and monthly leadership workshops to communities within the greater Boston area, and inspire students to take responsibility of issues and concerns within their respective social webs. These educational workshops serve to transcend the geographical bounds of Harvard so as to stimulate and encourage positive change off campus, ensuring that tomorrow’s leaders are well prepared for the inevitable social and economic challenges and tribulations that lie ahead.
SO currently works with middle-school students at the Dever-McCormack school in Dorchester and high-school students at Watertown High School in Watertown. As an SO member, you will have the opportunity to explore how strong leadership facilitates successful communities; you will also enjoy the company of a talented, driven, and close-knit committee, cultivate your own leadership skills, and gain experience in exciting curriculum-writing, teaching, and mentorship.

  • Teaching Team Member: Responsibilities include planning and teaching an entirely new and innovate 10-week leadership curriculum with local middle-school students. The SO Teaching Team Member should be creative, flexible, and passionate about leadership, youth empowerment, and social change.

Strategic Development (SD)

The Strategic Development Committee is the strategy, fundraising, and marketing arm of the Leadership Institute at Harvard College. The Committee leads the organization’s strategic development initiatives, ensures financial stability and institutional growth, and manages social media and marketing for the organization. You will receive significant business and marketing experience, exposure to leaders in every realm of public life, and incredible leadership opportunities.

  •  SD Committee MemberResponsibilities include organizing our annual high school leadership conference, developing alumni relations, and managing social media and marketing for the organization. SD members will be able to take on a significant amount of responsibility with initiatives and projects within the committee.

Youth Lead the Change (YLC)

The YLC committee directs 5-day immersive leadership development programs that guide high schoolers to unlock their potential through interactive team activities, individual coaching, and a personal social change project. Our committee members organize and teach at YLC conferences, which are held all over the world (last year alone we hosted conferences in Boston & Vail in America, Myanmar, Puerto Rico, and Japan. We’re currently experiencing rapid growth, and are looking to add several new conferences this coming year as well as retain our current ones. As a member of the YLC committee, you will get the opportunity to work on curriculum development, conference planning, and program expansion with a small, fun, and great team of people who are passionate about leadership and social change.

  • YLC Committee Member: Responsibilities include curriculum development, outreach to schools and organizations, and directing/teaching incredible 5-day youth leadership conferences at both national and international locations (Note: being on YLC committee does not commit you to teach at every conference, but gives you the opportunity to if you so desire). The YLC committee member should be committed and enthusiastic about youth leadership development/social change. Graphic Design experience is a plus, but not required!

LIHC Leads

The LIHC Leads Committee is in charge of simultaneously running an 8-10 week leadership development program for Harvard Undergraduates while preparing the curriculum and laying the groundwork for next semester’s program. Leads runs every semester and brings in speakers from a variety of backgrounds to give talks, run case studies, and engage students in hands-on leadership activities. The class consists of 50 students accepted out of a large pool of applicants for their willingness to commit and for their past and current involvement in leadership both on and off campus. As a member of the Leads committee you will get to shape the nature of the entire program, bring in extraordinary speakers, run exciting activities including pitch competitions and negotiation seminars, and employ many of the leadership skills taught by the program itself by getting the chance to own and control a significant part of the programming.

  • LIHC Leads Board Member: Responsibilities include creating and maintaining a comprehensive curriculum, reaching out to relevant speakers and developing comprehensive speaker/activity sessions, finding investors for the organization, creating the public image of Leads on campus. The Leads Board member will be provided ownership of at least one (but likely two) sessions in the next semester and will be given the freedom to organize and execute it independently, provided that it fits within the general parameters of a Leads session. Members are also given at least one opportunity to lead a session or an activity themselves. Leads members should be passionate about teaching leadership to other students and should be prepared to make a lasting contribution to the long term mission of Leads.