Harvard Leads will feature a different speaker every week throughout the program, bringing the insights of Harvard professors and the experiences industry leaders directly to you. Our speakers for Harvard Leads Fall 2013 are:

Professor Karthik Ramanna, Associate Professor of Business Administration at HBS

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Professor Karthik Ramanna teaches the first-year M.B.A. course “Leadership and Corporate Accountability,” where he is particularly involved in studying the responsibilities of business leaders worldwide in lobbying regulators and combating corruption. In November 2012, he helped launch “Leadership and Corporate Accountability—India” an executive program at HBS’s new classroom in India.


Dr. Mark McLaughlin, Assistant Superintendent of the Merrimack School District

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Dr. Mark McLaughlin is currently working on a district-wide project to upgrade the curriculum following guidelines assigned to him by the state. He must put his plan into effect in such a way as to ensure that the introduction of the new curriculum goes smoothly with the teachers and administrators throughout the districts. He will discuss his experiences while passing along lessons on efficient organization.


Shantanu Dhaka, CEO of Modit

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Every leader needs great communication skills and Shantanu Dhaka certainly has what it takes to sell his product. As CEO of Modit for the past two years, Mr. Dhaka has had to pitch his startup to all kinds of investors and is currently in the process of raising money to further elevate his business. Learn what it takes to be the CEO of your own venture, and understand how he was able to raise over $300,000 for his startup.


Robert Haas, Commissioner of the Cambridge Police Force

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Robert Hass has distinguished himself thirty years of law enforcement experience. Prior to serving as commissioner, he served as the Secretary of Public Safety for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, responsible for oversight of the Massachusetts State Police, the Department of Corrections, the National Guard, the Department of Fire Services and numerous other criminal justice and public safety agencies of the Commonwealth under Governor Mitt Romney. Crisis management is the policy chief’s daily responsibility. Find out what he’s learned about leadership in over thirty years on the job and hear a first hand account of the 48 hours after the Boston Marathon Bombing.