The Leadership Institute is a registered non-profit organization as a Harvard College affiliated student group.


The Leadership Institute’s continued success depends on the generosity of its financial supporters. Our organization has received financial support from the Harvard College Undergraduate Council, the Office of the Associate Dean of Student Life and Activities, the Harvard College Women’s Center, and the Institute of Politics. Our organization has also received private donations from anonymous individuals. Your donation or in-kind support will allow us to continue providing and growing our programming efforts on campus and off campus, effecting change and results in the leadership and values of the students we work with. In particular, your generous support helps fund our annual Youth Lead the Change! (YLC) Conference in Boston, Teen Change Makers (TCM) Program, and on campus events with the Harvard student body.

History of Past Private Donations

Anonymous – December, 2008 – $2,000
Anonymous – January, 2008 – $500
Anonymous – March, 2007 – $3,000
Anonymous – March, 2007 – $2,000

Please consider making a donation to our organization. Your support will make an important impact on how tomorrow’s leaders are shaped and trained. The Leadership Institute welcomes targeted donations to one of our specific programs. Please e-mail for more information.