Our Theory of Empowerment:

We believe youth are the leaders of today, not just the leaders of tomorrow. We seek to realize this belief by motivating and equipping youth with the knowledge base to understand the meaning and application of leadership through a problem-solving framework. By guiding students in identifying issues in their community and imparting the tools and training to collaboratively devise solutions, we enable them to realize their collective potential as leaders of change.

What Differentiates this Program?

Differentiating this program are the student teachers and their youthful perspective on leadership development. Reliable and relatable, the teachers serve as advisors and friends to the students, breaking down intimidating age-based authority structures. With tremendous enthusiasm for both teaching and learning, the teaching team constantly learns from the students, adapts to their interests and needs, and builds lasting relationships that continue after the program through formal and informal mentorship opportunities. In terms of the curriculum itself, the novelty of this program stems directly from the innovative approach to leadership, namely combining leadership with social action.